Happy Birthday, Guthrie Govan!

Many happy returns to Guthrie Govan who turns 49 today. Born in England, Govan is in many ways the guitarists' guitarist. This is perhaps evidenced by the fact that his playing appears in the Staff Album Picks of several of our teachers: Aaron, Carl, and Julian. Julian was actually fortunate enough to take classes with Govan at BIMM in Brighton.

As well as being widely respected for his artistry and immaculate technique, Govan is also known to be a talented teacher. Those who've never heard of Govan have quite possibly already heard his playing on blockbuster movies such as The Lion King and Dark Phoenix.

Giovanni pays tribute to Govan with his interpretation of one of Govan's most visceral and emotional solos, Regret#9 from Steven Wilson's Hand.Cannot.Erase. Enjoy!









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