Cost-free Coste! (free score & tab)

The French classical guitarist Napoléon Coste was born on 27 June 1805 (215 years ago today). He studied with the great Fernando Sor in Paris and after Sor's death, he edited and expanded Sor's original guitar method.

Napoleon Coste often used to play multi-string guitars, including a seven string "Lacôte Heptachord" guitar with a “floating” 7th string.

The Sor/Coste method is an excellent source of short and inventive studies such as the "Allegro in D minor" (Study No. 23) below.

The original score doesn't include tab, but we've added it here to make this study accessible to as many guitarists as possible.

Download the score here:

Coste Allegro in D minorpdf



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