At The American Guitar Academy we get asked constantly by potential and current students about what guitar would be best for them. 

Guitars can be overwhelming at any level. There are so many to choose from and they can be very expensive. Except for maybe the obvious acoustic vs. electric there may not seem to be much difference between a guitar that costs $100 and one that costs $1,000. 

Well buckle up for some buyers' advice! What I’m going to say is good for whether or not you are buying a guitar for someone else or for yourself! 


I’m going to start with something that probably isn’t considered much but I think is hugely important: COMFORT. At first, the sound differences between guitar types aren’t going to be very apparent and how long we are willing and able to practice will make the most difference in our early days of playing.

 If you or the person you are buying for enjoys playing the instrument then a new one will eventually be wanted anyways! At first though, it’s best to get something easy and fun to play right away! The best thing to do is to try out many instruments in the store and just focus on what is easier to hold and press some notes on. For comfort, the most important things to pay attention to are: SIZE and STRING MATERIAL. 


Guitars of all levels come in several sizes. 

Acoustic sizes, from biggest to smallest, are generally:


Steel String Guitar_edited.jpg

Orchestra / Classical / Folk

(similar body sizes, but different strings, parts, etc.)
Classical Guitar posture.jpg

3/4-size Guitars

Three quarter size guitar_edited.jpg

1/2-size Guitars

Half Size.PNG